As We Approach Holiday Season Travel… Don’t Forget to Contact Your Travel Agent!

Published: 28 October 2021

As the holiday season fast approaches, many people are still finalizing their travel plans relation to the current COVID-19 situation. There have been great strides in the recovery of the travel market, but much still remains uncertain. This year is the perfect year to consider working with your travel agent, even for small excursions!

Whether you’re dream is to take an all-inclusive trip to the pacific islands, or just a quick visit to grandma, a travel agent can have many benefits. While it’s easy to say “I can do it myself”, travelers almost never think about what could go wrong during their trip. That is where a good travel advisor can quickly get you reaccomodated while simultaneously taking the stress away!

Rockefeller Center, Pictured During Christmastime, 2020 | Photo Credit: David Bernard

Most travel agents are lucky enough to use a program known as a “GDS”. This gives them a live insight at all the available inventory on a given market. When delays or cancellations are imminent, this tool can be highly valuable for clients! Holiday travel is no stranger to winter weather, of course! And the incoming snow storms can be unforgiving to travelers! But with a travel agent on your side, you will have a dedicated professional working to get you re-accommodated on the best available option. There’s no waiting in lines at the airport, or hours long hold times with airlines. When you have a travel agent helping your trip, they handle the work for you. Whether that’s constantly refreshing inventory until you find a satisfactory option, or even just revalidating your ticket for new flights, this relief in stress can be huge!

With the economic fallout from COVID-19, many travel agents are becoming more competative on their service fees as well – and some trips are completely free of service fees! It never hurts to contact your agent and just ask for a quote. Sometimes they even have private rates that provide better benefits, or are cheaper overall. In any case, it never hurts to ask!

Wing Views Over Italy, 2021 | Photo Credit: David Bernard

Bon Voyage!

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