David Bernard

Travel Advisor


David has been a professional travel advisor since 2015. Like most agents, his love of travel fuels his desire to help others plan their perfect excursions! Whether it’s corporate, entertainment, or leisure travel, David has worked with it all! With clients all over the globe, nothing is too far of a reach! Originally from Boston, but now a local to New York City, David continues to grow his portfolio while simultaneously exploring the globe himself!


In today’s age of internet access, travel agents might seem like a thing of the past, but as the world gets more complicated travel agents have also made a significant comeback! Travel agents typically don’t book items for clients using the same web-interface you might use. Instead they likely use what is called a “Global Distribution System” (or GDS). This permits them to have both live-inventory abilities as well as full ticket control. When a traveler experiences a problem, they don’t call the airline – they call the agent! Most of the requests that come up can be handled by the agent directly in the system, with no one having to call any airlines! And while there may be several occasions where airline support is needed, agency-backed advisors typically have access to private numbers that bypass much of the lengthy hold times experienced by the general public.

Anyone can book online, but it takes a professional to know every inch of the industry. When trouble strikes, it helps to have an experienced agent on your side, one who knows all of your options and one who will help you bypass much of the wait! David is always happy to expand his client portfolio for interested customers! With negotiable service fees – including many items booked fee-free – and a wide variety of resources available (including expense reporting integration for corporate accounts), every client can have their personal needs addressed! David welcomes new business of all types, including (but not limited to) corporate, leisure, and entertainment. Please contact David using the Contact page for more details!

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